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Business Letter Written for a Client in the USA

(Making the Case for a Search Engine Optimization Service)


With the explosive expansion of online marketing, even a compelling and well-designed website can be lost in the shifting landscape of Internet traffic. A qualified SEO service can optimize the likelihood that the right traffic is driven to your site. With higher visibility, your site will attract more visitors who are actively searching for your product or service, and sales will escalate. Every page of your site should be uniquely designed and written with that in mind.

By including a cost-effective SEO component to your marketing plan, you will gain a significant return on your investment. A SEO service will market your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the kind of competitive advantage that traditional marketing cannot offer alone.

Although there will be an initial expenditure of time and effort, the resulting profits will offset this investment. Our company will help you through these initial steps. In addition, we will design and generate scheduled reports to confirm profits gained. Senior management, board members and staff will quickly become confident in the value of a SEO effort and will appreciate the fact that they can now focus on long-range planning and day-to-day management rather than online marketing.

We invite you to ask questions, voice concerns and challenge assumptions so that we can educate you, senior management and/or board members about the advantages of SEO services. Only by thoroughly understanding the concepts and implementation, can you and your company leaders fully appreciate this opportunity. This internal buy-in by all stakeholders will be central to a successful relationship with a SEO service.


We look forward to discussing our services with you and are convinced that our SEO marketing approach will significantly increase your revenues. You will not be disappointed.




Excerpt from Web Content Edited for a Client in Calgary, Canada


Experience an Innovative Experience in Recruiting Top Employees!

Not all recruitment resources are equal. The industry is permeated with consultants who lack the depth of experience and range of qualifications that are trademarks of (name) consultants. With solid sales and marketing backgrounds and executive recruitment skills, our consultants are able to offer customized recruiting methods that are best suited for your needs. We focus on your unique recruitment requirements and provide you with the finest marketing, sales and executive level candidates for your organization.

Acquiring Top Recruitment Talent Can Boost Your Company’s Success!

We assess all candidates using a metric-based methodology that eliminates all guesswork and intuition-based decisions. Our advanced technology guides us in the screening process, and we are positioned to deliver top talent to your company in a highly efficient manner.

Developing strong relationships with our clients is the key to our success. In addition, our full-service approach to recruitment provides you with additional long-term support. Our recruitment process includes marketing tactics such as targeted advertisement, email alerts and a full range of social media outreach.


Get in Touch With Us Today to Bring Incomparable Talent to Your Company!



Excerpt from Web Content Edited for a Client in Switzerland


About Us


Production quality

(Company name) has been in the agriculture business for over eight years and has gained the reputation of providing a quality product to its clients. Through the years, much research has been conducted by scientists in Thailand to find the best and most efficient way to produce the agar oil. Researchers in the University of Bangkok have studied the Agarwood tree and have discovered ways to maximize the production. The techniques they developed have been now patented due to unprecedented success. The impact of these studies has been so great that (company name) is very close to expanding distribution to other parts of Asia, such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sustainable harvesting

An important part of (company name's) vision is to implement a completely sustainable production line. With increased demand all over the world, social responsibility is paramount. Less than 10% of all trees produce the oils needed for perfumes, religious incense and aromatic oil.

Although (company name) holds thousands of Agarwood trees under its name, the company does not compromise future sustainability. (Company name) is committed to reintroducing the endangered trees despite the massive demand for their oils. It is a given that (company name) is committed to protecting both its investment and the earth.

The trees are inoculated exclusively with organic compounds in order to stimulate resin growth. This means that no hazardous or artificial products impact the environment. The location of the (company name) production plant is even set up in the beautiful KauYai national park, where some areas are protected UNESCO sites.

Our clients

The general industry of Agar oil production can only cover 20% of the worldwide demand. In light of this, (company name) plans to increase production and, at the same time, deliver Grade A+ Agar oil in a sustainable manner. The company also plans to partner with luxury perfume brands all worldwide. This certified agar oil has proven to be an aromatic ingredient that appeals to discerning customers. From the initial planting to the final production of the product, clients will feel confident knowing that (company name) is both environmentally-friendly and also the source of the highest quality oils.



Website Text Created for a Client Providing Site Design and Hosting Services

The statistics are staggering. There are over two billion internet users worldwide, and this number continues to grow at a record rate.  Some studies cite that there are over 200 million registered domain names and over 600 million websites on the Internet. They are all competing for user allegiance.

If these statistics are true, this means that your website could be completely lost in the Internet galaxy unless you take steps to make sure that it is created, developed, hosted and optimized in a way that will attract the highest number of your targeted users.

Some of you are ready to launch a website but don’t know where to begin. Some of you have created a site but do not know how to draw visitors. And some of you already have a successful site, but you want to optimize it to its fullest capacity and ensure that the content remains current and dynamic.

In the past decade, countless companies have emerged claiming to be the very best Internet hosting service available. And there are just as many companies offering to design your website for you and an equal number of companies offering to redesign it for optimization and market advantage. It’s big business!

Whether you are an individual who would like to develop a personal web site, an entrepreneur who has a great idea that needs implementation or a business owner who needs custom applications and solutions for a virtual marketplace, this is the site for you

We will provide you with everything needed to develop, launch, and maintain your site

In choosing us, you will receive across-the-board web services, ranging from web hosting and website design to developing complex applications and multi-tiered systems. Our goal is to make this simple for you. We know that you are looking for high quality service that is cost-effective and will ensure that your website has a competitive presence on the Internet.

Don’t look any further! Now that you have found us, we will be your one-stop source for all of your website needs.